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Classical Copings

With over 25 years of experience in the Coping Stones business we’ve seen how the industry, fashions and specifications have changed over the years.  But some things never go out of style!

We’ve seen a huge demand for some classic copings coming back in recent years.  And not just on period properties.  Many are choosing classic vintage looks for their garden and exterior walls.

One of most popular classic styles of wall capping is our Victorian Coping Stones range.

Designed to match the old deep Coping Stones that were used on many a house across the UK in the Victorian era.  Their style has a broad range of uses, from older Terraced Houses to modern Town Houses and old Country Mansions, these Coping Stones are guaranteed to look great.

One reason they prove so popular is because they have a flat top section, so are perfect for fitting railings to, or for use on a wall where sitting is preferable.  We knew they would be popular with period properties and Victorian townhouses but we’ve seen some amazing results when used on a range of garden walls.

Our Victorian Copings are an attractive, effective and affordable solution to protect your masonry.  They come at a fraction of the price for the hard to find and much sort after original copings from this era.  Our Victorian coping stones provide an ideal finishing touch to your wall and offer excellent protection at affordable prices, safeguarding your masonry from the rigours of the British weather.

These coping stones can be manufactured with a “drip channel” underneath either side which prevents rain water from running down your wall, thus helping to protect it from erosion and frost damage.

Wall copings and caps are essential, practical and ensure your garden wall has an attractive finish while carrying out the important job of preventing dripping rainwater off the surface of your wall.  This is crucial on any property but even more on a period house.  Many exterior walls may date back years and have survived the test of time and rigours of the unpredictable British weather.  All the more reason to keep them safe and safeguard the look, style and feel of your period property.

Protecting your brickwork with coping stones and pier caps in crucial but you can also take a few simple steps to help protect your wall capping and ensure it stands the test of time.  The British weather really does have it all, high winds, lashing rain, long dry spells, snow and pelting hail.  So how can you protect your concrete capping products once on your wall or pillar?  Check out our Caring for your Copings blog for top tips and advice on protecting your brickwork.

Unusually for this country we are seeing a record dry and warm spell across most of the country.  While welcomed and enjoyed by all at Classical Creations (especially at lunch break)  this too effects your brickwork.  You may have noticed areas cracking or flaking off.  This is the perfect time to inspect and repair any damage.  When repairing any areas be careful to account for the hot weather when applying your mortar mix as mortar will lose its plasticity at an increase rate due water evaporating from the mix.  For advice and tips on How to build a garden wall and Laying a Patio Circle check out our handy blog.

Another of our classic copings is our Cottage Wall Coping Stones.  Designed to mimic the look of an old sandstone wall. These are perfect for old houses with garden walls in the many beautiful rural villages across the UK that wish to maintain the look and feel of the surroundings.

Our Cottage Wall Copings are an attractive, elegant and affordable solution to protect vulnerable areas from the harshest of weather.  Designed to seamlessly match your walling and complement your masonry.  Perfect to cap your wall they prevent damage to brickwork and stop the unseemly build up algae and moss.

These copings again can be manufactured with a “drip channel” underneath.

The copings look great on a walled garden and are perfect to replace old weatherbeaten and cracked copings while maintaining the look of the property.  This beautiful and huge 16 ” Cottage Wall Coping is one that needs to be seen to be appreciated.  A classic look that is coming back into fashion.

Are you interested in our classic copings?  Give us a ring on n 0191 217 0002, we’d love to hear from you and one of our experts will be at hand to help with any of your questions.

All our coping stones are manufactured here in the UK, to the highest standards.  Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our customers say here






We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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