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Did you know Classical Creations is on Facebook? At Classical Creations we love to help our customers find the right product. Classical Creations is a family run business manufacturing Pier Caps and Coping Stones for UK wide delivery. We are based in Brunswick Village, Newcastle upon Tyne. We have been manufacturing Pre Cast Concrete products […] Read more

Patio Circles & Sunrises

Patio Circle & Sunrise Kits   Patio Circles are popular features for gardens and add a decorative but practical area for benches, tables, seats, bird baths and more.  They are a great way to maximise your gardens potential.  They can also be incorporated into existing patios, giving a focal point to your pathing, with paths leading […] Read more

Protecting your masonry from the Winter weather

How to protect your wall from frost, rain and damp How weather can effect your Brickwork Bad weather can do a lot more than just dampen your spirits, it can also cause significant and lasting damage to your brickwork if left unprotected.  If left unchecked, unprotected brickwork will deteriorate and completely lose its ability to keep […] Read more

Quality comes first Classical Creations

Quality comes first when it comes to our Copings, Pier Caps and Patio Circles   Classical Creations is a family run business and we’ve been manufacturing Pier Caps, Coping Stones and Patio Circles for over 20 years now.  We know that quality has to come first with our range of copings, wall capping and patio […] Read more

Protecting Your Brickwork

Rain can do much more than dampen your spirits.  It can also damage your brickwork.  So how can you protect your home? We’ll copings have been used for hundreds of years to direct water off walls, structures and roofs.  Through the years copings have been made of a range of materials, with of stone (a capstone), brick, […] Read more

Pier Caps with Spheres

pier caps with spheres

Stepped Flat Pier Caps & Spheres   Ornamental pier caps have long been popular in the UK. With a huge array of styles, sizes and colours being used. One such style is pier caps with spheres.  Stepped flat pier caps with spheres are a great way to top your pillar with a very traditional English style. […] Read more

Our Flat Coping Stones range proves a popular style for 2018

charcoal 11 inch flat coping stones

Flat Coping Stones   This range has always been a popular crowd pleaser but we’ve seen a large rise in demander our Flat Coping Stones in 2018.  It seems their simple, clean and modern minimalist style has really become a must have for the contemporary garden design. We’ve seen them used on projects large and […] Read more

Bespoke Copings

bespoke coping stones

Custom Copings from Classical Creations    Choosing the right coping stones for your property is crucial, and is the reason we make so many different styles, shapes and designs of wall copings. You can view our full range of coping stones here. Coping stones perform a vital task, which is to prevent the penetration of […] Read more

The classics never go out of style

sandstone 16 inch cottage wall coping stones

Classical Copings With over 25 years of experience in the Coping Stones business we’ve seen how the industry, fashions and specifications have changed over the years.  But some things never go out of style! We’ve seen a huge demand for some classic copings coming back in recent years.  And not just on period properties.  Many […] Read more

Last week on our BIG Spring Super Sale

coping stones spring sale

Last week on our BIG Spring Super Sale We love helping our customers get the most for their money and our BIG Super Spring Sale has done just that!  But all good things must come to an end and so must our sale sadly!  So don’t miss out on our unbeatable prices in the last […] Read more

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