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Choosing the right coping stones for your property is crucial, and is the reason we make so many different styles, shapes and designs of wall copings.

You can view our full range of coping stones here.

Coping stones perform a vital task, which is to prevent the penetration of rainfall into your walls and masonry.  However, they also serve to protect the actual structure of a wall by weighing down the courses and bonding the faces together.  This allows the wall to settle and become one solid unit.  Indeed, without coping stones your front garden’s wall would simply flake away over time.

Wall copings and caps are essential, practical and ensure your garden wall has an attractive finish while carrying out the important job of preventing dripping rainwater off the surface of your wall.

There are many factors to consider when picking your copings, such as size, cost, which way the rain will flow off them,  how to match against existing copings and the look of your property.  We always advise customers to ring us if they have any queries on which copings to choose.  Our experts have over 25 years experience in the manufacturing and fitting of coping stones and are always happy to help.

If you have any questions ring us on 0191 217 0002 to discuss your project requirements.  We are open 9-5, Monday to Friday.  You can also email us on

Sometimes you may need to have bespoke coping stones manufactured.   We can often manufacture bespoke copings to match your exact specifications using our highly specialist mould making techniques.


The Ideal Finishing Touch

In addition to the wide range of pre-cast coping stones that are available for gardens today, there is the option to choose bespoke coping stones.  And going this route offers a host of benefits.

Not only are custom coping stones decidedly unique, but also they are eye-catching.  Going the custom route can often result in many neighbours being impressed whenever they stop by to chat.

The purchase of custom garden coping stones means that you can choose virtually any colour, shade and design you like to be manufactured to order. But it can also allow you to visually connect one area of your home to another.  The continuity of coping stones can serve to give your entire property a put-together look and feel.

The great news about going the custom route is that you are never left wanting for choice where it comes to accessories like railings. Whether you prefer modern, traditional or a combination of both, your custom coping stones can fit with any style.


Consider Carefully

There are potentially thousands of different styles of stone for your front garden, including concrete coping stones.  The best advice when choosing a custom design is to take your time and research to find the styles you like best.  Then, when the time comes to order your stone, combine your favourite elements to create a style of coping stone that’s uniquely you.

On large projects it may be advisable to discuss options with your builder or architect as they might have vital input in how the copings will look and perform.  We have manufacture countless custom copings and no two projects are the same.


Your design

Once you have decided on your copings look, size and colour we can look at manufacturing bespoke copings to match your exact specifications.  For inspiration on shapes and designs you can view our full range of coping stones here.

Having walls in your front and back garden provides a great feature that can look attractive as well as adding extra security. However, it is important to ensure that you use the right products to not only enhance the look of your walls but also minimise on the risk of damage. This is where wall caps can prove invaluable.

You can benefit in a number of ways by using wall caps for the exterior walls:

  • Adding style and elegance to your exterior walls: Using stone caps for your walls will help to add style and elegance. This can really impact on the overall appearance of your exterior areas. They provide the perfect finishing touch to any outside wall.
  • Providing valuable protection: Exterior walls are at risk of damage, as they are constantly exposed to the elements. The mortar can become damaged as a result of water staining or frost amongst other things, which can eventually pose risks when it comes to the safety of the wall. Capping will help to protect the mortar and your wall from this type of damage, ensuring they continue looking great and are safe.

You will need to bear in mind if you are fitting railings, lights or camera onto the wall.

Drip channels can also be placed on either side, which prevents rain water from running down the face of your wall, thus protecting it from weathering.

Once you have worked all your specifications out we can manufacture your copings to match using our highly specialist mould making techniques.

Thinking about getting bespoke copings?  Give us a ring on 0191 217 0002, we’d love to hear from you and one of our experts will be at hand to help with any of your questions.




We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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