Getting the perfect Coping Stone for your garden

Designing a garden is all about creating a great first impression. Whether it be a front garden where you want to make a bold statement to form the boundary between the pavement and the property or a back garden were privacy is a priority. Picking the right coping stone for your property is key. Here is our handy guide to getting the perfect Coping Stones for your garden walls.

Sizes, style and functionality are important when deciding which copings to choose.

Size will largely be dependent on the type of wall you are wishing to protect. Is it stone or brick? Is it one or two brick deep? Do you want a large gap between coping stone and wall face? Sometimes you may want a small overhang to give a low profile, sleek look. Other times you may want to go for a large overhang, to protect the wall from the weather. You may also want weathered copings, sloping away from the wall to allow rainwater to flow away from the wall. You may want drip channels to ensure rain water will not run down the face of your wall. 

This all depends on where your wall is positioned. Is it exposed to the weather or is it protected by a hedge or tree line? Is your property exposed on a hill or coastline, or in a quiet suburban street? Use your knowledge of the property and the local weather to decide on whether you need maximum protection or aesthetic value. If you are new to the area and property look at other houses on the street and signs of weathering.

For walls where it is preferable to control the direction of which the rain water will run off, consider our  Once Weathered Coping Stones and Twice Weathered Apex Coping Stones ranges. The term “Once Weathered” means these copings slope only one way allowing the majority of rainwater to flow mainly off one side of the Coping Stones. The term “Twice Weathered” refers to the fact that the copings slope both ways allowing the rain water to run off either side, similar to a pitched roof on a house.

Our Twice Weathered Bevelled Coping Stone range is a deeper, more ornate version of a weathered Coping Stone. These Coping Stones also have a nice bevelled feature running down either side to help add some character to your wall.

If aesthetics is more of a concern we have many styles of coping stones perfect for the job. They still provide great protection from the rigours of the British weather. You may want to match other properties in the area or go it alone with a bold modern statement.

One such coping is our Chamfered Flat Coping Stones range, designed to give a more modern contemporary look, while also giving maximum protection to your walls.

If you want to match period properties in your street. Two such examples are our Victorian Coping Stones and Cottage Wall Copings.

Our Victorian Coping Stones range is designed to match the old deep Coping Stones that were used on many a house across the UK in the Victorian era.  Their style has a broad range of uses, from older Terraced Houses to modern Town Houses and old Country Mansions, these Coping Stones are guaranteed to look great. Because they have a flat top section our Victorian Coping Stones are perfect for fitting railings to, or for use on a wall where sitting is preferable.

Our stylish and unique Cottage Wall Copings range is designed to mimic the look of an old Sandstone wall.  These are perfect for old houses with garden walls in the many beautiful rural villages across the UK that wish to maintain the look and feel of the surroundings. Our Cottage Wall Copings are an attractive, elegant and affordable solution to protect vulnerable areas from the harshest of weather.  They are designed to seamlessly match your walling and compliment your masonry.

Another consideration is functionality. Do you want railings, lights or camera fitted to the wall? Our Flat Coping Stones shape makes them ideal for use on a wall where railings are to be fitted or where sitting is required.  They are an attractive, effective and affordable solution to protect your masonry.  They suit all property types and are designed to seamlessly match your walling. A very modern, minimalist style of Coping Stone.

These copings are supplied with a drip channel placed under both sides to ensure rain water will not run down the face of your wall. Coping must overhang the wall by a minimum of 30mm each side in order for the drip channel to function properly.

Our Victorian Coping Stones are also great for properties looking to fit railings on top of their walls.

Take your time to decide on which coping is best, ff you want help and advice on which coping stones to choose feel free to contact us on 0191 217 0002 to discuss your project requirements.  We are always happy to help and provide a professional friendly service.

You can view our full range of Coping Stones here

You may find you need custom, bespoke copings due to unusual existing walling and space constraints. Don’t worry if this is the case. In addition to the wide range of pre-cast coping stones that are available in our shop, there is the option to choose bespoke coping stones.  And going this route offers a host of benefits.

The purchase of custom garden coping stones means that you can choose virtually any colour, shade and design you like to be manufactured to order. But it can also allow you to visually connect one area of your home to another.  The continuity of coping stones can serve to give your entire property a put-together look and feel.

The best advice when choosing a custom design is to take your time and research to find the styles you like best.  Then, when the time comes to order your stone, combine your favourite elements to create a style of coping stone that’s uniquely you.

Once you have worked all your specifications out we can manufacture your copings to match using our highly specialist mould making techniques.

Thinking about getting bespoke copings?  Give us a ring on 0191 217 0002, we’d love to hear from you and one of our experts will be at hand to help with any of your questions.



We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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