Fantastic February Sale

Huge savings to be had in our Fantastic February Sale

We love helping our customers get the most for their money so we’ve slashed prices on our top selling coping stones!  So why not let us brighten up your day with our fantastic February special offer?

You can make some huge savings in our amazing Fantastic February Sale on our Flat, Once and Twice-Weathered Coping Stones.  We have slashed selected prices on all three styles of our most popular coping stones, giving you the highest quality merchandise, with excellent protection for your brickwork at truly unbeatable prices.  We pride ourselves on our ability to produce High Quality, handmade Coping Stones that reflect our high standards and attention to detail.  All our coping stones are manufactured here in the UK.

Our Once-Weathered Copings have some great savings.  An attractive, effective and affordable solution to protect vulnerable areas from the harshest of weather,  they suit all property types and are designed to seamlessly match your walling.


Our Once Weathered Coping Stone range is ideal for use on a wall where it is preferable to control the direction of which the rain water will run off. For example, directing the water towards the guttering on a roof. The term “Once Weathered” means these copings slope only one way allowing the majority of rainwater to flow mainly off one side of the Coping Stones. A drip channel can be placed under one side of these Coping Stones to ensure rain water will not run down the face of your wall. Please note this must be specified when you call to order.

If it’s Twice-Weathered Copings your looking for we have cut the price of our most popular sizes.

The Twice Weathered Apex Coping is a simple range of coping designed to finish off your wall and protect your brickwork from the weather. The term “Twice Weathered” refers to the fact that the copings slope both ways allowing the rain water to run off either side, similar to a pitched roof on a house.

Here at Classical Creations we love getting the most for our customers for their money and have even slashed the price on our hugely popular Flat Coping Stones range too!

Our Flat Coping Stone range are an attractive very modern, minimalist style of Coping Stone, and an effective and affordable solution to protect your masonry.

Check out our Copings here, we have a massive range of sizes, styles and colours available.

Don’t miss out on our huge savings, if you would like some advice on which product is best for you we would love to hear from you, please ring us on 0191 217 0002.

At Classical Creations we love to help you make an informed choice and have a great team of experts at hand to help assist you with any purchase. We have been manufacturing Pre Cast Concrete products for the Trade and Public since 1996. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality, handmade Pier Caps and Coping Stones that reflect our high standards and attention to detail.


We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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