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Patio Circles are popular features for gardens and add a decorative but practical area for benches, tables, seats, bird baths and more.  They are a great way to maximise your gardens potential.  They can also be incorporated into existing patios, giving a focal point to your pathing, with paths leading off them to the different areas of your garden.

Circular patios can easily fit into gardens of any style and improve the appearance of your landscape, enhancing the value of your property. Landscaping is the first thing that potential buyers see, and it reflects well, or poorly, on the other homes in the neighbourhood.  Well cut grass, weed free beds and spacious patio areas with good garden furniture all help.  It is also important to remember you don’t want potential buyers to think they will have to slave away every hour of the day and night to maintain the good looks of their outdoor space.  Patios are a hassle free way of making the most of your garden, making the most of the space available.

A wider and wider array of patio furniture and garden accessories are becoming fashionable with hot tubs, fire pits and al fresco dinning areas all making the most of the outside space.   Patio Circles perfectly fit this need for flat, sturdy and well managed platforms to base your outdoor furniture on.  They are also great for Arbours, Sundials or as part of a feature walkway.

Looking for a patio circle or sunrise for your garden?  To browse through our range of Patio Circles click here. Or ring our expert team on 0191 217 0002, we have over 25 years experience in manufacturing patio circles and would love to help.

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Laying your Patio Circle

Our high quality Patio Circles are great for bringing a decorative touch to a patio or garden and are available in Grey, Sandstone, Charcoal or Terracotta Colour Combinations – YOU CHOOSE!

patio sunrise

We have an array of sizes available from compact 1.8m Patio Circles to large 3.9 Patio Circles.  Many can be squared off, making it easy to join to existing patios and paths.

Get inspiration for your patio designs with our patio circle kits.  They work well as part of an existing patio or alone as an area to put benches, barbecues and patio furniture.  Make the most out of your garden space with a Classical Creation Patio Circle.

Our Sunrise Patio Circles are also very popular, bringing a decorative touch to your garden.  You can custom pick your colours and fit to your design.  Our 1.8m Sunrise also comes in a pebble option, giving a textured feel to the patio.

sunrise pebble patio circle


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce High Quality, Handmade Patio Circles that reflect our high standards and attention to detail.

All our coping stones, pier caps and patio circles are manufactured here in the UK.

To browse through our range of Patio Circles click here.

If you would like some advice on which product is best for you we would love to hear from you, please ring us on 0191 217 0002.  At Classical Creations we love to help you make an informed choice and have a great team of experts at hand to help assist you with any purchase.  We have been manufacturing Pre Cast Concrete products for the Trade and Public since 1996.  We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality, handmade Pier Caps and Coping Stones that reflect our high standards and attention to detail.


We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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