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The Victorian Coping Stones range

Our Victorian Coping Stones range is proving very popular this year.  We’ve seen a lot of people ordering these for a variety of properties.  They are designed to match the old deep Coping Stones that were used on many a house across the UK in the Victorian era.  Their bold and impressive style has become a must-have.

They are available in Grey, Charcoal, Sandstone and Terracotta.  We’ve seen a lot of Charcoal Victorian Copings being ordered, in a range of sizes.

Victorian Coping Stones from Classical Creations

Their style has a broad range of uses, from older Terraced Houses to modern Town Houses and old Country Mansions, these Coping Stones are guaranteed to look great. Because they have a flat top section our Victorian Coping Stones are perfect for fitting railings to, or for use on a wall where sitting is preferable.

Choosing the perfect copings for your wall is important.  You want them to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your house and the neighbouring properties.  Check out our guide on picking the perfect copings.

Our Victorian Coping Stones are designed to have little or no overhang on your wall. Wall Copings and Pier Caps are essential, practical and ensure your garden wall has an attractive finish while carrying out the important job of preventing rainwater dripping down the surface of your wall. This prevents damage to brickwork and render from frost damage and the unsightly build up of algae and moss.

There are potentially thousands of different styles of stone for your front garden, including concrete coping stones.  The best advice when choosing a custom design is to take your time and research to find the styles you like best.  Then, when the time comes to order your stone, combine your favourite elements to create a style of coping stone that’s uniquely you.

You can view our full range of Coping Stones here

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We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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