Ornamental Pier Caps

Ornamental Pier Caps

Ornamental Pier Caps add a sense of grandeur to your property, making a bold statement while being a practical way to protect your brickwork from weather damage. With a huge array of styles, sizes and colours being used across the country, one such style is pier caps with spheres.

Our Stepped flat pier caps with spheres have always been popular and are a great way to top your pillar with a very traditional English style. To browse our range, available sizes and colours click here.  

These concrete pier caps with spheres provide the perfect stylish finishing touch to a gate post, pillar or stone/brick gate pier.  They work well in sets around the whole property or stand alone as a pair either side of an entrance for a bold and grandiose effect.

We have the sphere option available on some of our most popular mappings, such as our Flat Pier Caps and Chamfered Pier Caps.  

The Spheres are supplied separately to the caps, which are manufactured with a 4 inch hole through the centre.  Each sphere has a “stump” protruding from its base which simply slots into the pier caps hole after it has been filled with mortar.  The spheres can also be manufactured with a steel bar for extra added security.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, our Pier Caps with Spheres provide an ideal finishing touch to your pillars and offer excellent protection at affordable prices, safeguarding your masonry from the rigours of the British weather.  All our pillar caps, coping stones and patio circles are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards.

Our years of experience providing high quality cast stone products to home owners, builders and building merchants across the UK means you’ll receive the very best merchandise with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.  We ensure all of our products leave the factory in the very highest standard of quality.

For queries on placing an order, delivery, returns policy, product care and installation read our Terms and Conditions page here, or give us a ring on 0191 217 0002, we’d love to hear from you and one of our experts will be at hand to help with any of your questions.

Alternative email us on sales@classicalcreations.co.uk.

You can also view our full range of products here, or choose from our Coping StonesPier Caps and Patio Circles.




We can often manufacture Pier Caps and Coping Stones to match your exact specification using our specialist mould making techniques. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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